Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tragedy - Aqueduct Race 1

I just watched a brutal breakdown during the 1st race at Aqueduct. Jose Santos was taken away in an ambulance and Eibar Coa was lucky enough to walk away.

Mountain General, an 8 y.o. gelding by Mountain Cat, went down at the top of the stretch and threw Santos. Fit Faze, a 4 y.o. colt by Honor Grades, couldn't evade the fallen horse in front of him and fell, throwing Coa. Fit Faze got up and continued to the wire without a jockey. Mountain General looked severely injured and I am sure will be euthanized.

Tom Durkin was graceful in his call, showing compassion for the fallen but continuing to call the balance of the race.

Jose Santos has been replaced on his Race 2 mount. There is no word yet on his condition. We'll have to wait to see if Eibar Coa ges on his mount in the 3rd. Updates to come....

Update- Durkin just announced that Santos has not sustained any serious injuries. Good news.

Update 2- The Bloodhorse put up a story on the incident at 4:47pm. The blogosphere beat them to it by almost 4 hours. Santos is going to be OK but took off the rest of the day. Coa missed one ride, but came back to win another. Fit Faze was uninjured. Mountain General was the only casualty. His life ended with 63 starts, 12 wins and $742k in earnings.

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