Thursday, February 08, 2007

Beating by a Dead Horse

Did this happen to any of you? As a person obsessed with horse racing, I saw this headline on this morning and my first thought was about the champion and great sire, Deputy Minister:

Deputy Minister Held in Iraq Killings Probe
U.S. and Iraqi forces raided an Iraqi Health Ministry complex in central Baghdad today and arrested a deputy minister, an Interior Ministry official said. Without naming the deputy minister, a U.S. military statement said Iraqi army forces had
captured a suspect implicated in the deaths of several Iraqi government officials.

Apparently, he faked his own death in 2004 and moved to Iraq in an effort to destabilize the government. As if the horse racing industry needed more bad press. Next thing you know, we'll hear that St. Liam and Electrocutionist are actually in Afghanistan working with Al Qaeda.


Baloo said...


Handride said...

I had an inside chuckle when i thought it, thinking the same thing.


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