Thursday, February 08, 2007

This could be very bad!!!!!

Maryland State Senator Kathy Klausmeier (Democrat from Baltimore County) has introduced Senate Bill 541, that would allow riverboat gambling out of Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The presents a much different approach than the slots bill that has been voted down over the last 4 years. In the past, proceeds would benefit education, infrastructure, and the horse industry. This bill would have 80% of revenue going to the operator, and 20% going to the Bay Restoration Fund (A very big topic in Maryland), and education.

I look at this bill in two ways. First, it could be very bad for horse racing. If the state approves slot machines, and they place them on boats instead of the tracks, horse racing is done. My second view would be that it offers a new look for a hard fought issue. In the past, many politician have said that they don't want slots to only boost the tracks. We have also heard the argument that gambling should not fund education. If Maryland has two differnt gambling bills, that fund different casues, some of the anti horse racing people may come around.

We will need to keep an eye on this one. And did I mention....Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon is completely against slots???????


Pjon10 said...
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Pjon10 said...

Pjon10 said...
Interesting development in regards to the gambling legalization debate in Maryland. It is only a matter of time before some sort of gambling will be legalized in the state. I get extremely upset (as should all people living in MD) when I see not one, but two billboards adverstising both Charles Town Race track and Delaware Park slots on 1-895, not mention the very large Borgata signs on I-95 and I-895 which are viewed by drivers before the tunnels that transport motorists through Baltimore harbor.

Why should Maryland residents take our money out of state and not reap the beneifits at home?

The Gambling debate should be a state issue, not a Baltimore City issue. As a city resident, in my opinion interm Mayor Dixon has much more on her plate to worry about besides legalizing slots at Pimlico. She instead should be focusing on a city wide crime issue because of poor policing policies, a horrible city school system that is a hair away from state control and a completely out of wack real estate tax rate for city property. Focusing on these issues and providing viable solutions to these problems during interm Mayor Dixon's tenure leading up to this falls City mayoral election could win her election to the city's highest political post.

If anything, Interm Mayor Dixon out to be in favor of some sort of gambling legalization in Maryland (be it river boat, which I am not in favor of, or slot parlors at the states race tracks, which I do support because I am a racing fan), so Baltimore can receive state funding to fix the states biggest city's problems.

Pjon10-stepping of his soapbox.


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