Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Must be a slow news day

I was surfing around my usual horse racing sites, and I found this story about Kyle Kaenel linked on Equidaily. It must have been a slow day for the writer with the "San Mateo County Times", and an even slower news day over at Equidaily.

I have watched this guy at both Colonial and here in Maryland. He is not article worthy, unless you are writing an article about tall jocks that can't make weight. His name always had a +2 or more next to it on the changes sheet. I understand the public interest, pull at your heart strings angle about his father ( His father, "Cowboy" Jack Kaenel, won the Preakness Stakes in 1982 at age 16, then alcohol derailed his career), but that does not make him a better jockey.

To top it off, the writer asked Russel Baze for a quote about this kid. Baze gave the PC standard comments, and finished with; "Kaenal has the ability to be a top rider for a long time, so long as he's willing to fight to keep his weight down."
The only articles about Kyle Kaenel should be title "Bad Jockeys", and also include Luis Belmonte, and Katie Lee.


Anonymous said...

the author of this article has his head up his ass!

Anonymous said...

If Kyle's such a "bad jockey", why is he winning races? I agree with the first commentator..get your head out of your ass


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