Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Slots brought back to life

In a surprise political move Maryland State Senate President Mike Miller has brought the slots issue back to the table. Now, we have to ask two questions. The first is simple....Will this gather enough momentum to pass both the house and senate. The second question, the one I care about most......Will this bill benefit horse racing. Governor O'Malley, who has voiced support for a limited slots program to help save the horse racing industry may get pushed into a corner. The state has other budget issues, and the horse racing industry may take a back seat on the slots bill. The horse industry may be the odd man out in this new push. The industry has asked for slots for a decade, now the state may get slots, but with limited benefit to purses and breeding funds.

This is a nice political move by Mike Miller, but I think it is just that, a political move. It is almost too late in the session to get a bill like this passed.

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