Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day - Quick Hits

Valentines Day....The "Official" start of breeding season. At least for those that have not gambled on having a foal born on December 31st. Valentines Day and the start of breeding season, so romantic. When that beautiful young mare is brought into the breeding shed, held in place by four to five handlers, a 1500 pound beast jumps on her back and bites her until he is finished. So romantic!

General George (GII)- Well, I guess I will not get to see Sweetnorthernsaint and Ah Day go head to head in the General George."
Sweetnorthernsaint is going to pass on this weekend," said trainer Michael Trombetta, who had nominated the horse to the General George and Saturday's $115,000 John B. Campbell Handicap. "Our plan all along was not to rush him, and I've only had a chance to breeze him once since we shipped him back from Florida."
Laurel Park - canceled racing Wednesday due to two solid inches of ice on the track. This is the first time a day of racing during the winter meet has been canceled since 1995.


Handride said...

thanks for updating, tell me if you think there could be anything else. Your blog is looking great, and you're doing a great job keeping maryland covered

suebroux said...

Funny you should mention the romance of breeding. So did Bloodhorse when its breeding headlines heralded, "Bernardini's First Breeding is a success." Here's to the stud-muffin :-)


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