Friday, March 16, 2007

Did Barbaro Fake His Death ???

This is a funny little Onion Sports story about Barbero faking his death. Below are a few quotes that I found funny.
"At first I thought I was seeing things, but I'm sure it was him. Same long face, same brown coat, same mane, tail and everything."
"I was at a little eighth-mile track outside of Bakersfield when a big brown 3-year-old won by nine lengths despite a hitch in his gait," said career horseplayer David Carnell. "Won big, too. I thought I'd found the next Barbaro. But the more I think about it, there's no way it was anyone else but Barbaro himself."
On Tuesday, University of Pennsylvania criminologists, acting on a public petition, entered photos of Barbaro taken at the New Bolton Clinic only hours before his death into special face-aging software to determine what Barbaro would look like after two months. Results showed a remarkably similar-looking horse with a slightly longer mane.
If you have a minute, you should read the story. It is funny!


alan said...

I hope you're not targeted by the Friends of Barbaro for posting this. I think they have as much of a sense of humor as the horse did.

Baloo said...

The link is now fixed! Thanks!

Pjon10 said...

I thought that was your funniest post ever!


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