Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Please Give us money!!!!!

Desperate for an alternative funding source to supplement race purses, at least until a referendum to legalize slot machines goes before the public in November, the Maryland racing industry will seek $24 million to $30 million from the state at the next legislative session, Maryland Racing Commission Chairman John Franzone said yesterday. (John Scheinman - Washinton Post)

The racing industry is asking for the additional funds from the Maryland Lottery game called Racetrax (I wrote about this in June). Some industry folks, think this Keno like game is in direct competition with the tracks, so they feel that asking for revenue from this source makes sense. I think it is a huge stretch, but I guess it is worth a try. This news comes on the same day that the state announced cuts in spending due to lower revenue projections. In my opinion, I think the state is going to tell the racing industry to wait until November and see if slot machine bill is voted into law.

Side Note...... If the state gives the money to the racing industry, do they have to use it for purses? Can they use it for the HUGE pro slots advertising campaign that will be coming. Just a thought!!!!!!

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