Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fact and Comment - Tuesday Night

- Six year old Declan's Moon will try again for his first win since last July in a 7.5f AOC on Wednesday at Hollywood Park. After 5 consecutive wins and a Juvenile Championship to begin his career, he has won but one race in is last eleven. However, he consistently puts up great workouts, so his race performances are a bit puzzling. One must also wonder how many high-priced stallions would have later careers like this if they weren't hustled off to stud after their 3-year-old year.

- UPS received some exposure and buzz based on their unusual connection with the Kentucky Derby winner. I think this is one of the few good signs that horse racing is moving in the right direction. New advertisers, new revenue streams, new people being exposed to the sport. Nah, we'll probably mess this up too. As I type, I imagine a yearling out on the farm being named Fedex or McDonalds in order to attract some sponsorship.

- Michael Dickinson thinks Churchill Downs should install a synthetic surface. In other news, Bill Gates thinks you should buy Windows and Hillary Clinton thinks you should vote for her.

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