Friday, May 09, 2008

In it to Win It

The jackpot on tonight's Megamillions lottery is $145 million. I figure that the cash value of that jackpot after taxes should approach $40 million. That amount gives me a fighting chance to step up and begin making changes in our sport. To paraphrase Rick Dutrow, I'm going all in on Big Brown! I'll buy him. $40 mill in cash? I think IEAH might be interested. Then I can ask Fran examine his feet to be sure they will hold up under the stress of pony rides for the kids. And when the neighbor brags about his new lawn mower, I can say "Yeah, I picked up the Kentucky Derby winner over the weekend."

It's a win-win. IEAH gets paid and BB will be removed from the breeding stock. It's the least I can do.

Gotta go convert the shed into a stall........


Superfecta said...

I love it! I'm crossing my fingers for you. And hey, if he's gelded, he can keep racing until he's 7 or 8 (in between farrier visits), right?

Ernie Munick said...

If you buy'em and keep him in training, I'll write a much better Big Brown song, the Big Brown Boogie, and I'll dedicate it to Big Al!


Winston said...

I'll throw you $100 for a minority interest.


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