Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thank You PETA

I would like to thank all the folks from PETA who came to Baltimore this weekend to protest the Preakness. As a resident of the great state of Maryland, I appreciate all the money you spent while you were here. You drove into our state, paying all of our wonderful tolls. While you were here, you purchased gas, food, hotels, paper, markers, granola, etc. The local shop keepers say thanks. Then you drove over to the track and parked on someones lawn for $20. The neighborhood people who rely on horse racing for a living really thank you and got a good laugh at your expense (and about $100 per house). A special thanks goes out to the two ladies on the news who flew into town on Thursday. You flew into BWI airport, rented a car, stayed in a local hotel, and then spent $500 on protest signs at a local sign shop. You PETA folks really helped make this years Preakness Stakes an incredible economic success for Baltimore City, and the state of Maryland. I hope you all had a great time while you were here. Please bring a few more friends next year, we could use the additional revenues. Speaking of additional revenue......If all goes well with the November Slots Referendum, maybe we can get you guys a special PETA rate at the new Laurel Racino and Hotel. I hope the economic impact of your protest makes this the most successful Preakness ever! THANKS!!!

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Stewart said...

Great post. PETA claims they had "over 200" participants at the "rally" while local news put the number at roughly "two dozen" (and we all know the Sun is far from pro-racing). You really have to wonder if this group tells the truth about anything.


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