Friday, May 30, 2008

"You Fired The Caterer?"

Klaus Panholzer, a Magna Entertainment Corp. senior vice president in charge of corporate hospitality and food and beverage services, and Helmet Pichler, general manager of food and beverage service, both have been fired by the Maryland Jockey Club.

First they fired Jockey Club President Chris Dragone and Dwayne Yuzik (Senior vice president and associate general manager of Laurel and Pimlico). Now they fire the caterers? Where they not selling enough of Fran's Energy drink?
“The gist is the Maryland Jockey Club decided to go in a different direction and food and beverage is one of them,” said Tom Chuckas, who officially will take over as the new president of the Maryland Jockey Club on June 1.
Is this a joke? The food and beverage options on the main level at Pimlico are dirty water dogs (aka. Hot Dogs kept warm in hot water) and nasty pizza. Upstairs you can get a greasy burger or a club sandwich. Not much more can be said for Laurel, except you get a bag of chips with you dog.

My suggestions for the next guy who takes the job. This is Maryland, we drink Natty Boh, eat crab cakes, Boardwalk Fries, and pit beef sandwiches. Throw in a bag of Utz Crab Chips and we would be in heaven. Also, the official drink of the Preakness, "The Black Eyed Susan" is nasty. Change the official drink to a vodka tonic and sales will go though the roof.

Frank, Hire a guy from Maryland who understands Maryland!

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