Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thoughts and Comments

- Hat tip to Left at the Gate and Pull the Pocket for consistently reporting on the big news from the harness racing world. The harness industry has proven this year that good things happen when you run good horses FREQUENTLY. Both Somebeachsomewhere and Deweycheatumnhowe have interesting stories, interesting connections and they run all the time at a variety of tracks. Maybe it's because of the blogs, but I don't previously remember so much coverage of the sulky folks. Anyway, it's been fun watching their individual rivalries, which we don't get enough of in thoroughbred land.

- I don't see how Curlin is being valued at $20 million. Let's assume he covers 100 mares each year, which is probably low. First year- 100*$75,000 fee = $7.5 million in revenue. Second year- 100*$65,000 reduced fee = $6.5 million. Third year- 100*$55,000 further reduced fee = $5.5 million. So, before any of Curlin's progeny hit the track, he has already generated at least $19.5 million. This is obviously not all profit. I'm sure there are immense expenses is standing a stud. But he can potentially stand for another 20 years! Even in a depressed market, Curlin is worth a lot more than $20 million.

- J Be K has been retired and will stand at Gainesway Farm for $10,000. I could not find any information about an injury, so I assume that he is sound and available to race in 2009. Does the world really need J Be K to rush off to stud at this point? It there great demand for another promising 3yo sprinter that started 9 times? I liked J Be K and I respect Mr. Zayat, but this stuff bugs me. Under-Racing and Over-Breeding. Maybe if they continue racing, there will be fewer unwanted horses being led to slaughter.

- Finger Lakes Horse of the year, Tin Cup Chalice arrived in Japan for the December 7, 2008 Japan Dirt Cup. The Japan Racing Association paid the transportation costs. This is such a wonderful game when a horse comes out of nowhere to compete on the international stage. However, it is frustrating when it seems that few people in his New York home have any idea who he is. Good luck to the Big Apple Triple winner.

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