Wednesday, November 05, 2008

OK.....What Now?

I was told that if I vote "YES" for question 2 (slots referendum in Maryland), horse racing would be saved. Well, the bill passed and we will get 15,000 machines soon. But how does this save racing? Will 5000 people show up at Laurel on Saturday? Will they reopen Pimlico for training? Will they keep the Pimlico meet open for more than 20 days? Will they give us back the DeFrancis Dash, and the other stakes races that vanished? I know that I am being a little silly right now, but how will this $100 Million (earmarked for horse racing) save racing. The plan has been to use the money to increase purses and bring back the big time breeding bonuses. This is great if you are an owner or breeder, but what if you are just a fan. How will this help? People will say that more money will bring in better horses, and more people will come out and bet. I say Bull Shit! You are only going to come out to see the big time horses if you are already a fan. I would like to see $80 million go to the purses and incentives and $20 million to marketing the sport. That $20 million investment would yield huge dividends. The more people you expose to the game, the more people who will become fans (for life), the more they come out to the track, the more they bet. You see......a quick easy marketing model for you guys.

Now to the question.....Who is going to save us? Halsey Minor, Frank and Magna, Governor O'Malley?

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Hold All Tickets said...

I saw my first live horse race when I went to Charles Town, WV to play the slots in '00 and have been a fan since. When I now go over to the CT races I've noticed that there are a lot of slots players who come out and bet the first part of the card. It's an easy stroll from the machines to the paddock/apron and the place is jammed on Friday and Saturday nights.
For me, the drive to Laurel/Pimilco or to CT is about the same. Given a spur of the moment choice I'd pick CT with its safe parking, inexpensive food and a nice sized crowd. The races don't have to have a stellar field for people to come out and enjoy themselves. Laurel is just plain depressing and needs the kind of help that all of the Frank's Energy Drinks in the world won't provide. Hopefully, we'll see a change with the passing of the slots referendum.


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