Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New York's Governor Makes a Decision

Well, Governor Patterson made a decision regarding horses. Unfortunately, it's not related to the Aqueduct casino.
"Gov. David Patterson, taking on the 150-year-old tradition of horse-drawn carriage rides in Manhattan's Central Park, says the horses need to be treated better or the popular tourist rides should be banned."
Really? That's what you're spending time on right now? I am all for treating horses right but can we award a casino franchise first and address this issue later?

On last week's trip to the Big A with some great people, I took this photo of the space that's ready for construction immediately:
Come on, let's get it done here, or move on to a realistic plan at Belmont Park (which I think is the better option). Just stop the politics and posturing.


alan said...

You got me excited for a second with the headline. Maybe he should put the Central Park carriage horse franchise out for bidding. :-/

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