Thursday, August 28, 2008

Benny the Bull(sh*t) Quote

As you probably know, Benny The Bull was retired this week after a bone chip was discovered in his right ankle. I can understand retiring him. He is a 5-year-old and he has several big wins on his resume. He could not make it back for the Breeders Cup this year, and his owners didn't plan on bringing him back for a 6-year-old season. Fine. Send him off to stud. I'm on board.

But then came this quote from IEAH co-President Michael Iavarone:
"There's ups and downs in this game, but I don't even view this as a down," DRF via MSNBC

Huh? This isn't a down? Your horse won the Dubai Golden Shaheen and it's not a down that he can't compete for the rest of his final year? I don't know where to even start questioning this statement. If Big Brown's path didn't prove it to you, then this quote shows that it's all about the money for these guys. Now, I don't disparage the guys that are all about the money, but Iavarone wants you to believe that he's a sportsman and a philanthropist. Nope. I gave him a pass up until now, but now I'm done with him. Keep making fake challenges to Jess Jackson, Mike. If you don't consider Benny's retirement a down, you don't deserve to own Big Brown.

Good luck trying to to sell that Lucky Lionel - Birdonthewire pedigree.


Ryan said...

I think your being a bit harsh Alan. I believe Iavarone is happy that the horse will continue to live a healthy life, and that he hasn't suffered a catastrophic injury.

All the best, I enjoy your blog!

SaratogaSpa said...

I did not hear the quote myself so I don't know what the context was. But I have to agree with Ryan, maybe he is happy the horse made a ton of money and can now retire safely.

Don't we criticize owners when they push injured horses to keep running and than they get hurt?

Alan H. said...

Good points, Guys. I think I just didn't explain myself very well. I'm all for retiring the horse and keeping him safe. I just would have liked to see some remorse from the owners that he isn't running in the Forego on Saturday and the BC Sprint later on.

I am down and disappointed that Benny's racing campaign is not continuing. I think the appropriate response from ownership would have acknowledged that they, as well as the fans, were looking forward to closing out his career with glorious wins and this ending is very disappointing for everyone (except the connections of Bustin Stones!)

IEAH Go Away said...

He just spins everything. Losing one of your best horses is a blow. (obviously its better than him breaking down) Every time this guy speaks you realize what a phony he is. Please go away Mikey! And I agree the fake challenges to Curlin are so bogus.


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