Thursday, September 11, 2008

Detente at Keeneland

- Maybe it's the flurry of Russian-named horses running on the New York circuit (Leningrad, Stalingrad, Iron Curtain, etc...), but the Thoroughbred Times reports that buyers from Russia are expected to increase their auction purchases at Keeneland by 150% this year.

It's interesting to me that the U.S. is engaged in war in the Middle East and it's getting pretty cold again with Russia, but it seems to be a big love-in at Keeneland. Ideologically opposed parties are coming together peacefully to engage in business and celebrate the thoroughbred. Cant we all just get along?

- Spendthrift Farm announced today that they are adding three stallions to their 2009 roster- Notional, Tiz Wonderful and Into Mischief. We are fans of B. Wayne Hughes and his rock star Malibu Moon, but I wonder how many unproven, mediocre stallions is the industry going to stand? I am not a proponent of breeding the top stallions to 200 mares a year, but how are we improving the breed by standing all of these "so what" stallions? How many quality mares are there to go around? I think we are overbreeding and running too many race dates. The breed is not getting stronger and the sport is not growing. Conversely, I believe that the breed is suffering and the sport is horribly diluted because of too many racing days.

But, despite the negatives, it's also exciting to see positives. The NYRA deal was done today, the new media is gaining credibility and Big Brown is a mainstream story. I wonder if the yearlings heading for Russia will face the same issues there?


BTK's Videographer said...

Going to Monmouth tomorrow?

Alan H. said...

No, I can't make it, E. I enrolled in a class every Saturday morning until noon. Then off to my son's soccer game and then to a milestone birthday party for a fellow racing fan. I regret that I will never see Big Brown race in person, but at least I saw that other great turf horse, Red Rocks.


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