Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Belmont Park and the Pink Silks Exacta

I convinced the family to join me at Belmont to celebrate Columbus Day. I promised that there was something for everyone to enjoy and they reluctantly came along. Most people don't realize that Belmont Park is actually a PARK. After a picnic lunch, the kids played on the playground while the wife enjoyed a magazine under a tree and listened to the live band.

I was able to coerce my daughter into joining me at the paddock before the 2nd race. I told her a little about the fillies, the trainers and the jockeys and then asked her to pick the one that she thought would win. She had a quick answer, "The one with the pink shirt!". So there it was - the Katie pick was the Scott Schwartz entry, See The Forest. But then, oh no. Another one with pink silks emerged. The Contessa entry for Seidman Stables, J.J. Cuvee, also had pink silks. What to do?

A quick lesson in the boxed exacta was in order and away we went to bet the 3-7 Pink Jockey Silks Exacta Box. The #7, J.J. Cuvee did what she needed to do and finished 2nd. Unfortunately, See the Forest could do no better than 5th. We lost but Katie didn't look too disappointed after the race......

Next time, I need to teach her about "The Kiaran McLaughlin entry will win if Kiaran does not saddle the horse rule". The winner of the race was a West Point Thoroughbreds daughter of Dixie Union, named Justwhistledixie. And no, Kiaran did not saddle her.


Teresa said...

Great story, Alan. Hook her young!

And McLaughlin wasn't there for his two wins at Keeneland on Saturday, leading to much joking in the winner's circle. So if he wasn't at KEE on Sat., and he wasn't at BEL on Mon.,...where was he?

dana said...

Ha, that pic is too cute!

Way to go teaching exotics at a young age... she'll be constructing your multi-race exotics for you before you know it!

Winston...not really said...

Smart girl.

She's smiling because she knows you can't beat a race but you can beat the races.

Ernie said...

Tried commenting last nite. Blogger was..down?

Anyway, your kids are adorable. Did they see the ducks near the pond, across from the Festival Tent?

Alan H. said...

@Teresa - I am hoping this series of absences for Kiaran is attributable to a vacation or some conflicts rather than the health issues he deals with.

@Ernie - I withheld the Duck Pond for a future visit. I didn't want to show all of my cards in one visit.


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